The internet is a part of every aspect of life these days. We use it at work, at school, and even at home during our leisure time. Whether you use the internet as a web designer or just for fun on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, there are many ways that you can insure you have the best experience possible online. We launched this site as a way to give others helpful tips for internet browsing and reviews of the top software programs out there to make life a little easier.

Tips for Choosing the Best Internet Browser

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Nov 18 2011

Everyone uses the internet these days, but everyone you meet has a different preference when it comes to internet browsers.  From Firefox to Internet Explorer to Safari to Google Chrome, every browser has its own benefits that are worth your consideration.  The internet browser provides you with a window to view the World Wide Web.  It opens up a world of possibilities for entertainment, research, and even career choices.  By selecting the best browser, you can insure that your internet experience is as productive and positive as possible.

The internet is full of reviews of internet browsers.  The ones that consistently rank at the top of reviews in 2011 are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.  Each browser is constantly developing new features and add-on’s to make your viewing experience more pleasurable and stream lined.  You can also customize your internet browser with helpful widgets or skins to give it the look you like best and to enjoy the most functionality.

Many people choose internet browsers with safety as their number one priority.  Because computer viruses are so easily transmitted online, web users have to be cautious about having the proper protection and settings in their internet browser to prevent these viruses from destroying their entire system.  The top browsers have put shields in place to keep your computer safe and insure that your family isn’t exposed to any of the online predators that often force material through the internet in appropriate ways.

To make the best browser selection, take some time to read online reviews.  Find out what others are saying about each browser and then download the one you are most comfortable with from a secure site.  No matter which browser you choose, be sure you also have an anti-virus software installed and active at all times to offer you an extra layer of protection.

The Latest Improvements in Internet Browser Technology

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Sep 28 2011

Many of the most popular browsing systems have recently released updates that offered big improvements on their previous versions.  In March 2011, Google released Chrome 10 and just days later we saw the release of Internet Explorer 9.  Literally one week later, Firefox released its 4th version and two months later, Safari 5 was released as well.  After having 6 months to try these new varieties, here is the break down on what has changed.

First, there is a big difference in browser speed.  The older versions took much longer to load web pages and the newest browsers have a nice increase in their speed.  Chrome 10 has a particular corner on this part of the browser contest.  This browser runs fast and freezes rarely.  Google Chrome 10 also added the option of running in “incognito mode” with this latest update, which allows a better degree of privacy protection.  Several other browsers have added similar features such as Internet Explorer’s new “tracking protection” feature.

One of the fun features of the latest browsers is the sync feature which allows individuals to sync their settings and bookmarks with the browser on their mobile phone.  Google took this to even greater heights and made it possible sync your entire settings to anywhere in the world.  As long as you log in to your personal Google account on Google Chrome, you will have access to all of your bookmarks and personal settings.

While every browser has its own unique features, it’s safe to say that they are all working hard to keep moving forward.  To compete in the market of internet browsers, the creators are constantly finding new ways to improve functionality, safety, and speed.

What Makes an Internet Browser the Best?

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Sep 18 2011

When choosing which browser to use for viewing the internet, there are plenty of things to take into consideration.  Every computer comes with a standard browsing system installed.  Windows computers always come with Internet Explorer preinstalled, but many people prefer to add an additional browsing system that has more of the features and security they are most interested in. If you are searching for the best internet browser, make sure you use the following criteria to guide your search.

First, look at what features the browser offers.  Every browser system will be different, whether you choose Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.  The top reviewed browsers have many features to make internet use easier.  They have features that make load times faster and web surfing more convenient than ever.  Some of the great features you want to look for are thumbnail previews, tabbed browsing options, and integrated search features that work with your favorite search engine.

Second, see if the browser will be easy to use.  Some internet browsers have thousands of features, but they are quite complicated to operate, especially if you are not particularly knowledgeable with computers.  Make sure your internet browser is easy to use and that you are comfortable using it to surf the web.

Third, find out what security settings the browser offers.  You need a browser that can protect your computer against viruses and tracking cookies that could be used by con artists or identity theft cons.  The best browsers will give you the option to block pop up boxes and they will alert you when you click on a site that is insecure.

Finally, find out how fast the internet browser works before you download it.  Speed of a browser can make a big difference in how well you can function both professionally and in your free time so read reviews in regards to speed before you download.


Keep Hackers Out Of Your Internet Accounts

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Jan 22 2013

Unfortunately there are people in the world who like to hack into internet accounts. Many of these people do it for the thrill of it and others do it with the intentions of stealing from you and perhaps getting into your bank accounts. Either way, there are ways you can make sure your internet is safe from hackers.

Be sure to install a firewall in your computer system before you connect to the internet and you will be less of a target for hackers. Another thing you can do to keep hackers out of your personal business is installing antivirus software on your computer. Be sure to keep your antivirus up to date because viruses are a common method hackers use to gain access into your personal files.

Another safety feature you can do to keep yourself safe from internet hackers is to only open email attachments from people that you know. You should always scan attachments to make sure there is no virus attached even if you know that person that has sent it to you.

You also need to be sure to choose good passwords. Many people will choose a password such as 1234 because it is easy for them to remember but this is not a good thing to do. Avoid using your date of birth as a password because this can be very easy for someone to find out. Instead make up something that only you and perhaps your spouse would know. Using a mixture of numbers and letters is always a good idea when creating a password.

Stay Safe While Browsing the Internet

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Nov 18 2011

If you have ever had a virus wipe out your computer, you know how frustrating it can be to try to keep your internet safe despite so many unseen threats online.  From tracking cookies to identity theft cons, there are thousands of people out there trying to take advantage of web browsers who aren’t prepared.  In order to protect your PC from damage online and to keep your information secure, there are several steps you can take.  Try these tips to stay safe while browsing the internet.

First, install good antivirus software.  This is the most important investment you can make for your computers so don’t take the easy way out.  There are plenty of good antivirus programs out there available for free downloading.  These are typically all you need if you are the standard individual who just uses the internet for surfing and checking email or social networks.  However, if you use the internet for work or frequently use your financial information online for banking or conducting transactions, it’s a good idea to invest in a better antivirus solution such as Norton.

Second, be careful what you download online.  While you might think you are downloading a simple game, you could be downloading a virus that could attack your computer and leave some guy on the other side of the country with all your credit card information on hand.  Be very cautious about downloads and only download software from sites that you know are reliable and trust worthy.

Finally, don’t use your financial information online unless you are completely sure the site is secure.  There is a lot of convenience in shopping online or doing online banking, but don’t sacrifice safety for convenience.  Only use sites that offer a secure transaction source, such as PayPal or Moneybookers.

2011 Internet Browser Review

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Oct 17 2011

In 2011, there were major updates made to all of the top ranked internet browsers.  In order to best assess these changes, we did a quick trial of all of them to decide which ones were the best and which ones could stand to go back for a few more improvements.  After several months of trying them all, here is what we decided.

Internet Explorer
Though Internet Explorer comes preinstalled on every Windows computer, it has always been our last choice.  It seemed slower and had less options in terms of add-ons and functionality features than its competitors.  The new Internet Explorer 9 does seem to be a vast improvement on previous versions though.  It is a little faster and does offer more options for customization.  It still isn’t our favorite, but it deserves a spot on the list simply because of its popularity.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox became all the rage a few years ago because it offered heavier protection against spyware and viruses than other standard browsers.  Firefox 4 is an improvement on the previous models, but it does seem to be taking a lot of cues from Google Chrome, which is always cutting edge.  One of the biggest complains we have with Firefox is that is seems to use a ton of the system’s resources and the speed is still lacking.  It is also famous for crashing often, which can be a real pain if you are working online.


Safari is the browser that all the Mac geeks love.  Though we’re mostly PC guys, we have to acknowledge that the June 2011 Safari update was pretty great.  It is more powerful than ever before and offers a lot of great new add-ons and features that make it a better competitor in the browser market.

Google Chrome

While other browsers might have a longer history and even be used more often, Google Chrome is top of the browser industry, if you ask us.  This is the browser that runs lightning fast and offers the most options in terms of syncing data and using add-on’s for a better browsing experience.  Google Chrome rarely crashes and it works seamlessly for those who already use Google’s apps for other functions like email, chat, docs, and analytics.